Friday, 22 August 2014

Flying Cars Coming Soon?

Tired of driving long hours in Traffic? it seems a solution is finally here.  A number of companies are in the race to produce a soaring motor vehicle that will capture the public’s imagination – and their money.
Recently in Britain, the government announced that driver-less cars will be allowed on Britain’s roads from the beginning of next year, but those with a more adventurous streak – and a lot of cash – might want something a bit more exciting than a robotic chauffeur thus, the introduction of a flying Car.
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The Terrafugia Transition has collapsible wings (Picture: Terrafugia)
US company Terrafugia has built the Transition, a street-legal flying car with retractable wings that fits two people. Meanwhile, in Slovakia, AeroMobil has made and tested a flying car with foldable wings. The AeroMobil 2.5 has a range of 700km (430 miles) and has a top flying speed of 200km/h (124mph).
The SkyRunner combines a propeller with a parachute in flight (Picture: Parajet)
The AeroMobil 2.5 goes for a spin (Picture: AeroMobil)
Dan Wareham from Gilo Industries Group, based in Dorset, the aviation company behind the Parajet SkyRunner, a flying car that is part all-terrain road vehicle, part light-sport aircraft had this to say "From the discovery of the first kites in China, to the earliest attempts to fly with wings made of feathers and lightweight wood attached to arms, flight has been the oldest dream of mankind,We live in an age where almost anything is possible and almost everything is available. Strange then, that the well-established fantasy in which flying cars are part of a futuristic landscape has remained completely out of reach to the captured imagination of millions.      
  The SkyRunner, developed by Parajet International, uses a propeller and a parachute to glide through the air. It can reach up to 55mph in flight and has a maximum soaring altitude of 15,000ft.                                                                                                                                           

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