Thursday, 24 July 2014


It can be really embarrassing when our braids or weaves start getting itchy and emits a funny and offensive smell. Don't worry there's a new solution to that. Dark &Lovely recently launched its Braids and weaves maintenance line. The new Dark and Lovely line offers a complimentary routine for people with braids and weaves and promotes the use of natural ingredients to curb the various problems women face with their braids and weaves on a daily basis. 

The Dark and Lovely range includes the SOS Hairline, which acts from the roots to protect the hairline and prevent damage caused by intensive braiding, the Scalp Soother, which relieves the scalp from tightness and itchiness caused by braiding and sew in weaves, the Scalp Wash, which keeps the scalp clean by removing flakes and excess oil, and finally the Hair Refresher, which refreshes the hair with a pleasant smell so your braids and weaves smell brand new.
Check out the hilarious video below:

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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Wonders they say will never end. The latest trend for tattoo lovers is now 3-D Tattoos that looks real. These 3-D tattoos are so lifelike that we thought there were special effects involved at first. They are part of the way people are expressing their individuality these days.
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Titanic Ship is Back: Check Out Pictures

Titanic II
If you haven't heard of Titanic then I must say you are from a different planet entirely. Remember the famous movie "Titanic" by James Cameron in 1997 acted by famous actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the movie was a story of the real Titanic ship that sunk in the early 20th century. Now we are about to witness another Titanic ship being built by Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer under his company The Blue Star Line. Mashable reports that in 2016, the Titantic II will make the route from Southampton, England to New York, with 2,600 passengers and 900 crew members crew members on board. The ship will be a nearly-exact replica of the original Titanic, expect unlike the original, it will have enough life boats for all those it carries.
Will you love to take a trip on Titanic II considering what happened to its predecessor? continue after the cut for the interior pictures of  Titanic II

Monday, 14 July 2014

Beyonce Rocks Ankara Outfit

 Beyonce rocks silk ankara blouse, skirt and snapback. But the combination didn't work for me. You like? Continue below for more pictures.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


It's another new season of Maltina Dance All and this year's theme is "Rhythm of happiness". Maltina is indeed ready to share its happiness mantra once again. N14 Million is up for grabs this time around. What are you waiting for? Get your family ready as the show is about to start. “The Rhythm of Happiness” theme chronicled a new dance style known as Rhythm of Happiness Dance (ROHD).
 Watch new dance here:

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Friday, 4 July 2014

UNBELIEVABLE: 22 Striking Human-Animal Illusions

What do you think this is? a Flamingo bird or human painted as the bird. Striking right? Continue below to see more striking images.

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

When Heineken demonstrated unforgettable stunt in Nigeria

True to its brand promise of Opening Your World, the world’s most international beer brand, Heineken, dazzled Lagosians with an amazing stunt on the Falomo Bridge, Ikoyi, Lagos when it brought the real UEFA Champions League Trophy on a tour few months back. Unsuspecting onlookers were mesmerized by the grand spectacle on display on the bridge.
Watch the video: 

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