Friday, 7 March 2014

Take a Look at The New Barbie Doll

Can you remember as Kids when you played with your Barbie Doll, can you notice any difference from the new one. The former Barbie was slimmer but the new Barbie has an average woman proportion, not too skinny. When alot of people asked  “where they could buy normal Barbie,” answers couldn't be provided because they didn't exist. 
So rather than just waiting for some other toy company to bring a Barbie with realistic proportions to life, he decided to do it himself. Wednesday, Lamm launched his own CrowdtiltOpen crowd funding project to raise $95,000 to begin production on a doll that has a real woman’s proportions. The line is called Lammily and its tagline is: “Average is beautiful.”
Continue below to see more of the Doll

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