Friday, 25 January 2013


It could be an herculean task selecting outfits to wear for the day especially when it has to be for work or to school five days a week. For someone like me that hates to repeat clothes some few days or weeks that I just wore them I have devised a way in selecting my clothes so I wont have to repeat clothes closely to when i Just wore them or have issues in picking what to wear for the day. Here is a method or should i say secret to help you in selecting your daily outfits.

Firstly, arrange outfits in a neat order and folded just as is done in the picture. This enables you to select outfits easily. Now for the big secret, once you have done your laundry and ready to replace clothes back in the wardrobe, arrange the newly washed clothes beneath the piles of neatly arranged clothes. This will prevent you from repeating those clothes anytime soon. You start to select your daily outfits from the ones on top and as you do your laundry, you arrange them underneath the pile.

You won't have to figure out what to wear the next day or the day after that because you already have the clothes sorted out and neatly arranged. The only time you will have to dig out for clothes is when there is a special occasion or outing to attend and the secret to that is you have to arrange dressy or special attires on a hanger.

You flip through the hanged clothes and Wola!!! you can easily find what you want to wear. Simple as ABC.
Also remember to arrange various clothes separately, official wears and casual wears should be placed in separate compartments. I hope this helps you.

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