Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Beauty of Nude Shoes

Nude shoes are back in vogue and the good thing about them is that they compliment any color of outfits. Aside the regular black shoes that women must have, nude shoes are also a must have by trendy ladies. Nude shoes makes your leg look longer especially when paired with skirts, dresses or shorts.

Nude shoes are versatile and can go on anything. It saves you the stress of trying to figure what to wear them on. Nudes shoes are also financially friendly, with them you tend to spend less on buying so many shoes as the color is catchy, beautiful and goes on any color or design.

Nudes shoes complement casual and corporate outfits. They go with jeans, pencil skirts, official dresses or what have you.

Pls note: When buying nude shoes, buy the ones that complement your skin color but not exactly your skin color as this will make your feet look weird and step out looking elegant. If you have a darker skin tone then buy one in tan/caramel/chocolate, instead of beige.

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