Tuesday, 3 July 2012

5 office Fashion Faux Pas and how to avoid it

1. Cleavage Exposure: I'm a lady and i know what it feels like to flaunt what we've got once in a while but the truth is that Cleavage exposure in the office is a total fashion error and should be avoided. We can still look good without exposing cleavage, try out nice fitted skirts or pants with lovely tops to go with. Also consider fitted gowns, they make you look hot anytime.

2.Visible Pant Lines: Second on our list is Visible pant lines, it is totally unprofessional and doesn't speak well of one's image. Wear clothes that cover properly and prevents our under garments from popping out.
3. Piercings: We are going to do this like this, Picture yourself entering a Bank, and the first person that attends to you on the counter is with heavy piercings, i wonder what is going through your mind, scary right? I'm sure you will think He came doing other transactions in the bank, if you know what i mean. Not that there's anything wrong with piercings but for work, Hell no!!!. This is our third Fashion Faux and its a no no for the office and if you have to get piercings at all cost, get them at places not visible.
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4.Bling Jewellery: Our fourth Fashion error for the office are Bling Jewellery, though beautiful and dressy, they are not it for an office environment. Try simple pearls or a silver or Gold chain will do just fine.

5. Wedge: Shocked right? exactly what I did when  I discovered Wedge isn't appropriate for the office. It is dressy, comfy and elegant but the truth is that it is a fashion offence for the office. According to research, Wedge soles shows a not too serious attitude to work. Try pumps or babies and look great at work and one ready to close the deal at work.

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