Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fanciful Ways of Wearing Color Block-Celeb Style

 I dont have to walk a long distance before I notice ladies and guys all dressed in various colors popularly known as Color Blocking. It is the rave of the moment and I tell you it takes alot of confidence to be dressed in this. The problem is that some colors are mixed in an absurd way which can be too sharp on the eyes and unappealling. I went through some pictures recently and i was so impressed with the way these celebs combined their colors which doesnt consist of too many color mixtures and is really simple.

 A rainbow mixture or color riot which is the style of most people that assume to be wearing color block is disdainful. These celebs combined two to three color which contrast but still looking classy and trendy as ever.

I think the first idea to follow would be to try to avoid colors on the exact opposite sides of the color wheel, red and green being a classic example of this. Complimentary color combinations like these generally have too high of a contrast value and clash heavily against each other. If you change the hue of one of the colors it can be possible to pull it off though.

The most popular theory for combining colors is called the rule of two-thirds. How you achieve the rule of two-thirds starts by making an equilateral triangle (a triangle with 3 equal sides) on the color wheel. In it’s most basic form, the points at the ends of this triangle will be touching either red-blue-yellow or orange-green-purple. From there, you pick two of the three colors that the triangle touches. These colors will almost always harmonize together beautifully.


Unattractive color blocking

Continue to see the color wheel and lovely combinations by Celebs

Color wheel


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