Wednesday, 9 May 2012

5 Fashion Mistakes women make

1.UNDERSIZED SANDALS: Wearing sandals that are undersized having your toes sprouting out is one fashion mistake women make. When purchasing shoes, Women should study the shape of their toes and avoid big mouthed peeps if they have scattered toes as it doesn't help bring the toes together and gives it a funny look. Ladies with nice toe arrangement can afford to wear big mouthed peeps.

2.WEARING WHAT DOESN'T FIT: A woman should know her shape and inches and put this into consideration when shopping. Following trend is not the best bet cause not all designs fit all body shapes. We have pear shaped, oval shaped, curvy women and so on. Different designs fits various sizes and shapes. Plus size women should avoid cloths that are tightly fitted which will only reveal their excess fat, while women with bigger upper side and small hip should also avoid wearing tight pants and large tops as this only accentuates the upper part and reduce the size of the hips. 

3. VISIBLE PANTY LINES: Wearing garments with pant lines showing is another fashion mistake women make. Avoid wearing under wears that are revealed in your outer garments as this can be really embarrassing. Go for black underwears when you want to wear transparent garments and also wear more of thongs which doesnt show panty lines.

4. REVEALING TOO MUCH SKIN: Revealing too much skin is another fashion mistake women make. It is better to reveal small flesh and leave the rest for imagination.You can look absolutely gorgeous by revealing little or nothing at all. Remeber, you are addressed according to the way you dress.

5.EXCESSIVE MAKE-UP: Some women adorn themselves with excessive make-up which is another fashion mistake women make. Make-ups should enhance our beauty and not make us look like masquerades. Be selective of the foundation, concealers and powders you use. Also go for colors that suit your skin tone as not all shades of lipsticks or eyeshadows fit all skin color.

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