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Maltina gives out 3 bedroom Furnished homes in Style

Maltina from the stable of Nigerian Breweries doled out two furnished three bedroom apartments to the first two winners of its "sharing happiness" promo. The National consumer promotion(NCP) which is the first of its kind done by any beverage company started on the 2nd of April to end on the 25th of May 2012. 

Adeyinka Adeola, an 18 year old Mbiama, Rivers State based secondary school student and Moses Edewor, a 22 year old secondary school leaver from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State are the lucky winners of the beautiful home in Lekki axis. The home is beautifully furnished and equipped with modern gadgets. The drapes are beautifully designed in Maltina color. The dinning set is equisite and has beautiful upholstery.

Walter Drenth, Marketing Director NB plc presents key to Adeyinka Adeola and parents

Walter Drenth, Marketing Director NB presenting key to Moses Edewor and family

Continue for more pictures and get the full details of the winners and the promo! 

The Beginning
On March 22, 2012, Nigerian Breweries Plc held a press briefing in Lagos where they told Nigerians that Maltina, a brand that is noted for “sharing happiness” will be giving out five brand new three bedroom homes, with all room ensuite, to its consumers’ through a Maltina “sharing happiness promo.” It sounded too good to be true with many sceptics wondering how this can be true.
At that press briefing, Corporate Affairs Adviser, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr. Yusuf Ageni said the huge success of the 2011 re-launch of Maltina with a new packaging upgrade, new communication and revised positioning had a positive impact on the brand’s volume, market share and overall equity which also rubbed off on the consumers who also shared in the good fortune, smiling home with fantastic prizes. Ageni added that “the success of 2011 and in response to the yearnings of our consumers, the Maltina brand has concluded plans to reward consumers this year with a national consumer promotion, a promotion which size and scale has never been done before in the history of non-alcoholic malt drinks in Nigeria.”

Modalities for Being a Landlord

Outlining the mechanics of the promo which runs from April 2nd to May 25th 2012, the corporate affairs adviser said it “will be crown cork based. There will be two categories of winning crown corks-‘instant winning crown corks’ and ‘alphabet code crown corks’. For the ‘instant winning crown corks’ whatever is seen under the crown cork is what the consumer gets instantly! The prizes are shown under the crown corks and prizes can be redeemed at any of our 1200 redemption centres located across Nigeria.” The instant prizes include N1 million, N100, 000 cash which will come in form of a Maltina branded ATM card and other brand memorabilia which include wrist watches, millions of free drinks and others.
The second category he outlined is the Alphabet code combination crown corks which would win the grand prize of a Luxury Home. It would consist of the following letters; S – M – I – L- E. “In order to win the grand prize,” according to Ageni, “a consumer is expected to collect a combination of crown corks that spell the word S-M-I-L-E. Maltina shall be giving out a total of 5 houses. Under the letter ‘M’ crown corks; there will be special differentiated alphanumeric codes. These codes qualify consumers for weekly raffle draws. The 5 houses will be given out in three weekly raffle draws as follows: 1st Raffle- 2 houses, 2nd Raffle- 2 houses, 3rd Raffle- 1 house.”
He reiterated that holders of the raffle draw crown corks can enter the raffle draws by either sending their code, name, sex, age and address (address should include state) to 30380 or going to any of the 1,200 redemption centers to register their names and contact details. “Holders of the S-M-I-LE crown corks will be expected to keep them as the ultimate proof of ownership. The SMS will work with all major telecoms operators.”

The First Raffle Draw Winners
On Sunday, 15 April 2012, the first raffle draw was held in Lagos to pick the first winners. Anchored by the pretty Kemi Adetiba, the show lived up to its billing as it was shown on National Television. Kemi picked the first winner who happened to be Adeyinka Adeola, an 18 year old Mbiama, Rivers State based secondary school student. Kemi later invited Daniel Obi, a respected brand Journalist from Businessday Newspaper to pick the second winner who turned out to be Moses Edewor, a 22 year old secondary school leaver from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

How the Homes Were Presented
Adeyinka Adeola and his parents and Moses Edewor and his sister and her husband were later flown to Lagos and lodged in a hotel, all expenses paid by Nigerian Breweries plc where they were officially presented with their respective homes on April 22, 2012.
Presenting the keys of the brand new homes to the lucky winners Adeyinka and Moses, Mr. Walter Drenth, Marketing Director Nigerian Breweries said Maltina has made a bold statement that its consumers’ are special hence the need to provide a brand new home where they can continue to share happy moments as family. He enjoined the new occupants to make good use of the house as it is theirs for eternity. “You can even pass it on to your children as inheritance when you start having children.” Drenth added.
A visibly excited Adeyinka who could not hide his joy thanked the brand for the honour of providing his family a place they can truly call their own. His mother who was almost in tears could not contain her joy as well. “We live in a one room apartment and now God has used Maltina to provide a three bedroom home for us in Lagos. Is there a word I can use to say ‘thank you’ to you? Mrs. Adeola said.
On the other hand, Moses said “we treated like celebrities and the toast of the moment. My sister, her husband and I were then chauffer driven to the airport and we boarded a flight for the first time in our lives to Lagos. We were lodged and fed in a hotel for three days. We were simply told to enjoy ourselves. I asked my sister that I hope we are not dreaming.”

Are there Still more Homes to Be Won?
Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji said three more homes are still up for grabs, so also are millions of Naira in cash and other prizes. she enjoined Nigerians to keep drinking Maltina and keep on winning. The Maltina brand is noted for exploring creative avenues to consistently engage and reward its consumers. One of these creative consumer engagement platforms is the popular and highly rated Maltina Dance All (MDA) TV reality show, a platform for sharing happiness, promoting family values and bonding.

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