Thursday, 12 April 2012

10 Ladies Must Have

With the break of each day we have new designs and latest creations and collections in the world of fashion and if care is not taken as ladies we will expend all of our finances on clothings and latest outfits. To meet up with the trend in fashion is almost impossible, so i have come up with the list of ten items ladies must have in their fashion collection which will help them meet up with their daily fashion lifestyle.

 1. LBD (Little black dress)- A little black dress is a must have for ladies because it fits many occassions and can be worn severally without being noticed. It coul be adorned with various accessories to give it a different look each time it is worn.
2. A black bag 

A black bag is another must have for all ladies, i repeat ALL LADIES!!! It matches virtually all your outfit color and style. It is the best way to save money.

3.A blue pair of jean
A pair of blue jean will also do the trick for ladies as it can be adorned with various color of tops and shirts. The combination of a pair of blue pencil/straight jean and a boot-cut pair of blue jean will do the trick.

4. A Black jean - A pair of black jean is another smart way to save money and still be fashion trendy. It can be combined with a whole lot to still keep you chic and trendy.

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 5. A Brown/Neutral bag
A brown or neutral bag is another trick to looking chic while saving money. It can be carried with a whole lot of colors and designs. In an exchange to carrying a black bag everyday, a black or neutral colored bag will just be of great help.

6.Black Shoe
A black shoe is another MUST HAVE for all ladies as it complements all colors. It could be worn for special events , to the office or any sort of function. Care should be taken in selecting a pair of black shoes or sandals. It will be wise to select a design of black shoe that can be worn to various functions. One pair of black sandal and another pair of black shoe just seems smart.

7.Brown/Neutral sandal- A brown or neutral color of sandal is another smart way to save money for the ladies and still keep you trendy. It is a color that can be worn with most outfits and an exchange for black. It will be smart to have a pair of  brown or neutral sandal and shoe.
8.SHIRT- Different designs of shirts such as polos, T-shirts tank tops will be advisable. They can be worn for casual or regular outings on either the blue or black pair of jean. Also for working class ladies, Official shirts are inclusive which can also be worn to church on any pair of blue or black jean still making you trendy and smart.
9.SKIRT-  Some ladies dont wear skirts but it will be nice to have at least two skirts in your collection to give you a different look from the everyday pants we see ladies wearing now. A high waisted skirt can be acquried alongside a normal waist band skirt. A maxi skirt will also do justice as it gives a chic look and can be worn with various tank tops and shirts for a different look.
Then finally, a slippers is another must have for ladies. This will be worn for casual outings. It is comfortable and still allows you to stay in trend.

So spend wisely and if you have all the resources you can tag along with all the latest collections and trend in town but also know what fits you cause it isn't all that is trendy that suits all body types.

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