Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Panty Lines a Fashion faux pas and How to Avoid it

It could be really embarrassing to me when I spot ladies with their panty lines showing in their garments. Underwear is just as the name implies and should not be visible. Some ladies wear under garments that are quite small for them and the whole lines are shown in their garments or panties that are not full which creates a line under their garments.
It is a common fashion faux pas and can be easily avoided by following these simple steps:
*When shopping for under garments, consider buying full pants otherwise known as boy-cuty panty. It is full and doesnt create lines under your garments.

 Boy shorts provide full coverage, and you can get them in elastic or mesh to better avoid panty lines. These materials prevent your underwear from bunching up under your clothes and leave you with a full-coverage, smooth look.

*Opt for a thong or a similar alternative. This is the number one option to avoid panty lines. Thongs simply don’t have the lines to show, making the choice easy for many women. Be sure to check out the rear view when you sit or squat; those positions tend to expose half the thong if you’re wearing low-riders. However, there are women who don’t like to wear thongs, and for those women, there are a few other options:
*Avoid wearing light or colored panties under light or transparent outfits. Go for black under garments when wearing outfits like white, light pink .
*Take special care when wearing tight garments because it is likely your under wear will be visible. Wear more of thongs when wearing tight outfits.
*Choose the right fabric. Underwear that is less likely to create VPLs are panties that shape themselves best to your body. Elastic and spandex panties will work well to create a seamless fit, whereas cotton panties will often give a rumpled look, along with the VPL. However, it is clear that cotton panties are comfortable, and most women have them in abundance, so part of the trick is to avoid wearing them with outfits where they will definitely show. Given that much cotton underwear has thicker elastic, this is more likely to show through many of your outfits, so be sure to check in the mirror or ask a trusted friend for honest advice as to how it looks. Most elastic and spandex underwear uses a thinner band, helping to avoid panty lines.

It feels good to be comfortable with what we wear, so lets take our time in choosing the right under wears.  Stay tuned for more advise on fashion flaws.


  1. Actually I like the first pic, panty lines is sexy! It tells me exactly what I can be doing with those panties too :)

    In other words, What You See Is What You Get.