Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ade Gonzalez Releases Singles

Ade Gonzalez the quintessential artist with an amazing ability to pen down his emotions and thoughts in beautiful melody recently released his singles '2Songs and A Freestyle' which is set to introduce the album '10 Units Course'. The singles :'2Songs and A Freestyle',sets the ball rolling containing songs like:'Shine Ur Light','Fever' and 'Long Ting'.The Last song 'Long Ting', is a freestyle on the beat of
the hit song 'Strong Ting' by Banky.

Ade gonzalez is a singer,songwriter and also a brilliant poet which adds up to what is a total act,that can make feel good music but also creates eye opening songs which touches on almost all areas of human lives.Ade Gonzalez can be followed on twitter @adegonzalez101 (web site)
and here is a link for the singles " 2Songs and A
Freestyle,with additional profile information:http//

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  1. I saw this dude perform somewhere last eek and I thought he was special.Cant wait for his album or more songs from him.I like his style and lyrics.