Thursday, 6 October 2011

Horlicks Empowers Lagos State Secondary School Teachers

In an effort to continuously demonstrate its commitment to providing nourishment that supports mental and emotional growth to Nigerians, the nutritional powered beverage drink from the stable of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc, Horlicks recently offered training on emotional intelligence to Lagos State Secondary School teachers.
According to the company, the beverage drink which was re-introduced into the Nigerian market in April 2010, has since been well-received by Consumers.  The target is the Family and the drink is called ‘The Family Nourisher’.  The relationship with the programme is that teachers and children make up the family.  Horlicks being a good family nourishment drink, aids mental-alertness, gives energy and general body nourishment because of its superior vitamins and nutrients.
It stated that the Brand organized the programme to impact society. "It is not just about giving out money to the schools or decorating the buildings. But we have seen an opportunity to impact the lives of the teachers and the students at the same time. The best way to achieve this is to impact the teachers so they can impact the students”.
However, teachers are trained only on regular subjects such as Arts, Science, and the Commercial.  The foremost FMCG Company also lamented that public school students no longer have teachers to look up to as role models in the area of management of self, ethics and responsible leadership. "We want our teachers to be accountable, reliable and confident as well as demonstrate high sense of integrity.”
Having started with 100 teachers drawn from secondary schools in Lagos, it pledged that there would be refresher courses as the Brand would follow up to ensure continues impact on the teachers and that teachers are passing what they learn to the students.

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