Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Glo Naija Sings: 10 shine with movie soundtracks

Glo naija sings in its third season is yet to show the best it's got as the top 10 show was a sensational debut of the stage performances where each contestant not only proved that they definitely deserve to grace the stage but also contend for the coveted $100,000 and a brand new Rav 4 SUV from Glo.

Each contestant was tasked with rendering one award-winning movie soundtrack in tandem with the theme for the show. Opening the show was the lovely Lynn who gave a karaoke-like interpretation of the Academy Award winning, “What a Feeling”, from the movie Flashdance originally performed by Irene Ciara.

There was Mattade who performed another Academy Award winning number by Brian Adams, “Everything I Do”, featured in the movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Though he expressed the lyrics, the power of the song was lost in his interpretation and did not deliver the effect the song has always been known for.

Vickiola delivered her cover of Christina Aguillerra’s “Reflection” from the Walt Disney Animated Classic, Mulan and she did the number justice, wowing the audience, imploring all to effortlessly forgive the pitchy spots and embrace the lyrics of the uniquely performed number.
She was followed by Precious from Port Harcourt who can be described as a bang. He  performed “Go the Distance” from another Disney animated feature, Hercules to the delight of all, he definitely went the distance.
Going beyond sustaining the newly-found tempo of the show, he raised the bar with  an inspired performance of the otherwise drab ballad.

Vicky also earned a resounding applause for allowing her exciting personality reflect in her rendition of “We are One” from Lion King II. Turning the simple lyrics into a sing-a-long for the audience was a huge feat easily conquered by the charming 20 year old.

Aspiring producer Tee Songz rendered the loving ballad,  “Come What May” from the musical Moulin Rouge, followed by single mom Oluwakemi who attempted to bring back the 80’s with her version of Etta James’ “Something’s Gotta Hold on Me” as performed by Christina Aguillera from the movie Burlesque.

Victim of another poor song selection was Oni who performed Deborah Cox’s “Definition of Love” from the movie Akeelah and the Bee and Christian, the 35 year old semi-finalist singer from Abuja who transported the audience to “A Whole New World” from yet another Disney animated feature,

Aladdin. AM-OK closed the show with her performance of Jennifer Hudson’s version  of the Dream Girls classic “One Night Only”. Her interpretation of the song was impeccable, reflecting her wide vocal range and definitely earning her a place as one of the strong contestants of the show.

The three judges however were not carried away by the nice voices. Freeze applauded the efforts of all the contestants but only four of them shone the brightest to him- Vickiola who he thought did justice to a difficult song; Precious, whom he nicknamed ‘Confidence’; Vicky, who he said was just fantastic and AM-OK, who was a lot more than just OK.

Onyeka Owenu agreed with Freeze, leaving out only Vickiola. She thought Precious was indeed precious, Vicky was unique and absolutely blew her away and AM OK was very good. She left off naming the underperformed.

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