Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Coca-Cola retains spot as world's No 1 brand

Coca-Cola, the soft-drinks brand, owned by American multinational beverage corporation, the Coca-Cola Company, has yet again retained its spot as the world's most valuable brand for the 12th straight year in a row.

 Coca-Cola, which is regarded as the world's best brand has a value of $71.86bn and has been in existence for about 125 years and currently offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries or territories and serves over 1.6 billion servings each day.

The ranking was based on a recent report by Interbrand, a leading brand consultancy, which publishes annually the ranking of the top 100 brands based on a unique methodology analyzing the many ways a brand touches and benefits an organization, from attracting top talent to delivering on customer expectation. Three Key aspects that contribute to a brand’s value were also considered; the financial performance of the branded products or services, the role of brand in the purchase decision process and the strength of the brand to continue to secure earnings for the company. 

The recent rankings were also dominated by U.S based brands. Speaking about the rankings was Interbrand’s global CEO, Jez Frampton. “Uncertainty is the new status quo, so today’s brands need to be quick and nimble,” said Frampton. “Consistency, relevance and commitment are imperative if a brand is to keep pace in our rapidly changing world.

“By refining digital strategies and strengthening social networks, today’s most valuable brands are creating more relevant customer engagements. These brands have seized opportunities to host richer, more tailored experiences, which, in turn, help drive longer-term loyalty and value among consumers and partners alike,” he said. 

This past year, technology brands continued to show sector-wide growth. Computing and technology companies were well represented in this year’s rankings, with the likes of IBM (2), Microsoft (3), Google (4), GE (5), Intel (7), Apple (8) and HP (10) all making it into the top 10. Cisco (13), Nokia (14) and Samsung (17) also made the cut in the top 20.
Top 10 brands according to Interbrand are:
1. Coca-Cola.2. IBM.3. Microsoft.4. Google.5. GE.6. McDonald’s.7. Intel.

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