Thursday, 29 September 2011


The Ekubo family from Port Harcourt, Rivers State has been crowned Nigeria’s number one dancing family as the curtains finally fell on the popular family TV reality show Maltina Dance All (MDA) season five sponsored by Maltina, a premium non-alcoholic malt brand from the stable of Nigerian Breweries Plc. The Expo centre of Eko Hotel and Suites was agog and filled to capacity as the Ekubo family danced their way to the winning the grand prize of N5million and a brand new Toyota Siena SUV at the live grand finale of the show.

The Dare and Utogo families came second and third respectively with a cash prize of N1 million and N500, 000.
The Ekubo family alongside four families that qualified for the finals; Dare, Owolabi, Utogo and Ngwu families gave their last performance to thrill the audience and boost their votes. The grand finale show hosted by the Kemi Adetiba had the Owolabi family open the first phase of the show with a performance thrilling the audience with Diana Ross’ “He lives in You” followed by the Utogo family with an entertaining piece of Angelique Kidjo’s “Agolo”. The Ekubo family performed with Infinity’s “Olori oko”. Next on stage was the Ngwu family with an exciting dance style with Terry G’s “knack u apako”. Dare family closed the first phase of the show with Cabo Snoop’s “prakatatumba”.

The second phase of the show was the hip-hop performance and was opened by the Ngwu family dancing to Chris Brown’s “Tonight is the Night”. Next to perform was the Dare family giving an exhilarating performance with Tpain and Florida’s track “Low”. Owolabi family was next to perform dancing to Prince’s “Give it to me” followed by the Utogo family giving a marital performance with Dr. Sid’s “Something about you”. The Ekubo family closed the show with Neyo and Pit Bull’s “Everything”.

The dance instructors and judges of the MDA Academy crowned the show with a captivating performance that drew accolade from the audience and earned them a standing ovation.
Mr. Jacco Van der Linden, Marketing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc who spoke prior to the presentation of the cheque and car keys to the Ekubo family said viewers’ votes will crown one family the biggest and best dancing family of Nigeria. “I am very glad to say that we have doubled the price money; this year truly is the biggest Maltina dance all ever. N5million is the winning prize plus a brand new family SUV waiting here outside. Also we have in the last few weeks gotten over forty thousand fans that have been following and commenting on Facebook”.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Aside dance, the families in the Maltina dance academy get to relax and share happiness. This time around there is a twist as the guys in the house get to make the mothers up. The families also went visiting the Lekki conservation reserve.

Families with Lemi Adejo, MDA 2010 winner @ Lekki conservsation reserve

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Life Inside MALTINA DANCE ALL 5 Academy

Opening show
The much anticipated, biggest ever Maltina Dance All 5, kicked off on a very high note on September 4 with 15 families selected from across the regions having to go through the MDA boot camp. The camp saw the 15 families go through intense and grueling exercise sessions over a period of time. They were also tutored in different dance styles by seasoned professional dance directors.

Judges in MDA academy

After the rigors of the booth camp, the 15 families went up against each other to vie for the 10 available slots in the Academy. The first performance and eviction show to determine the families that would make it to the famed MDA Academy was declared open by the gorgeous compeer, Kemi Adetiba

Edoho family performing @ opening show

 The 10 families that made it were immediately absorbed into the Academy and were subsequently introduced to the “Wazobia” dance style (contemporary Nigerian dance style).

Dare family @ opening show

After undergoing series of rigorous rehearsals, the 10 families went through a balloting process to choose themes and tracks for the “Wazobia” dance and were thus ready for their first performance in the Academy. The Anigbogu family was the first family to hit the stage with the “Hausa Farmers dance” followed by the Edoho, Ekubo, Chidi, Owolabi, Dare, Efe, Adekpe, Ngwu and Utogo families respectively in that order.

Utogo family performing @ opening show
 After their performances, the Judges put the three families of Chidi, Efe and Edoho up for possible eviction. Enoch Dare was selected as the best dancer of the night and as a result, his family, the Dare family got the privilege of choosing the order of performance for the next dance style which is the Salsa dance.

Wazobia performance

Back in the Academy, the families were introduced to Salsa dance style by Salsa dance instructors Lilian Yeri and Gbenga Yusuf. The families were taught the basics of the dance and family representatives got involved in selecting the tracks for their performance through a ballot process while the Dare family determined the order of the performances.

With three families; Chidi, Efe and Edoho already up for possible eviction after the “Wazobia” performance, the tension in the academy was palpable. The families had rehearsed thoroughly for the Salsa competition and were ready to show the Judges the stuff they were made of. The stage was enlivened by the Utogo family followed by Ngwu, Adekpe, Chidi, Ekubo, Anibogu, Dare, Edoho and Owolabi families.

Salsa performance
At the end of the Salsa performance show, Utogo and Anigbogu families were put up for possible eviction.
The eviction show involved the 5 families presenting the Wazobia and Salsa dance styles. The first dance category at the eviction show was the Wazobia dance and it was opened by an entertaining performance by the Utogo family and subsequently followed by the Efe, Chidi, Edoho and Anibogu families respectively.
At the end, after much deliberation, the judges unanimously decided that, the Anibogu and Chidi families fell short of demonstrating what it would take to progress further in the academy and were therefore evicted from the MDA Academy.

Mother on the runway

Aside dance, the families in the academy get to engage in fun activities such as fashion parades, Karoke shows, fathers day and many more.

Mrs. Ngwu on the runway


Monday, 12 September 2011

Miss Universe 2011 National Costume Segment

Miss Nigeria
Sophie Gemal Nigeria's representative

Miss Angola
The 2011 Miss Universe pre-finale competition, the contestants during the National costume segment. The grand finale holding presently in  São Paulo Brazil. The National costume segment  is usually very colorful and interesting. The  beautiful women  dress at their best to outshine their competitors.

Miss Tanzania

Miss Nigeria and co-contestants
Miss South Africa

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Meet TheTen Families In Maltina Dance All Academy

Adekpe Family
Efe family
Owolabi family
Utogo Family
Ngwu Family
Edoho Family
Ekubo Family

Chidi Family

Dare Family

Anigbogu Family